Have fruit trees &
Need them picked?
We'll do it!

How it works

1. You Have A Tree

You have a fruit tree that is loaded with fruit. You also care about your community and like to help other people.

2. We Pick The Fruit

You let us know when we can swing by and pick the ripe fruit off your tree. We show up and pick away!

3. You keep half

You keep half the fruit we pick from your trees.

4. We give half away

We take the other half and distribute it to families in need, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to fresh nutritious produce. It’s a win win!

Ready to have us pick your fruit?

The benefits

Give & Receive
  • 1. Take it easy and Relax

    You get to relax while we do all the heavy picking. If you don't have the time, ability, or desire to pick your fruit trees, don't worry, we're here to help you!

  • 2. Less Food Waste

    No more worrying about messy dropped fruit on your property that attracts rodents and pests. We'll pick the fruit before it falls and be sure that every piece will go to someone who needs it.

  • 3. Satisfaction of helping others

    You'll have the great feeling of knowing the harvest of your trees is going to help others in your community who will greatly appreciate your generosity.

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